• Blowi collection up to 30% off | Only until June 3rd
  • Blowi collection up to 30% off | Only until June 3rd
  • Blowi collection up to 30% off | Only until June 3rd


CUSTOMS DUTIES For deliveries of orders outside the European Union, additional customs duties may be applied depending on the customs policies of the country of destination. These costs are not applied and managed by Sogni di Cristallo

ARE ALL YOUR PRODUCTS MADE WITH MURANO GLASS? All our products are made in the furnaces of the Venetian hinterland, in Italy, with the ancient technique of Murano glass by expert glass masters.

WHY ARE YOUR PRICES THE CHEAPEST ONES? We are producers who have chosen to sell our products directly online with no mediators and to provide to the customer the best price.

DO YOU PROVIDE A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY FOR YOUR PRODUCTS? Every product is delivered with an appropriate certificate of originality.

HOW DO YOU SHIP THE MATERIAL AFTER PURCHASE? Shipping and delivery is via your national or international carrier. We use only the best delivery systems for the appropriate destination, all shipping is insured.

DO YOU SHIP WORLDWIDE? Of course! We can ship in every country with insured express courier.

IS THE PACKAGING SAFE? The packaging of all of our products is followed closely by experts in the field of shipping and completed using bubble wrap.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE ITEM BREAKS DURING SHIPPING? In this rare case we will ship you a new product with no extra expenses.

ARE THE LAMPS CABLED? Yes, every lamp is already cabled.

CAN YOU USE ENERGY SAVING BULBS? Yes, energy saving light bulbs may be used.

IS THE DROP OF THE CHANDELIERS ADJUSTABLE? Our chandeliers can be hung directly to the ceiling or using an adjustable chain that is provided in with the chandelier.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO VIEW THE PRODUCT DIRECTLY? Yes, it is. You may schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

WHAT ARE THE POSSIBLE COLORS? Every color combination is available. As well as transparent colors, every product is created once we receive the client’s customizable preferences.

WHY ARE THE LAMPS PHOTOGRAPHED ONLY IN 5 OR 6 LIGHTS BUT ARE SOLD IN ALL VERSIONS? The catalogues are always made with lamps with 5-6 bulbs, but all other versions are available (3, 8, 10, 12, 6+3, 8+4, 15, 18, etc.)

CAN THE DIMENSIONS AND DETAILS BE CUSTOMIZED? Yes, through communication via telephone or email, we can customize our products to your personal selections, always within reason.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO ORDER A MODEL NOT PRESENT ON THE WEB SITE? Yes, it is certainly possible. In fact, not all of our products are online. If you have any particular requests you may let us know and we will help to make it possible.

WHAT IS THE DELIVERY TIME? Delivery usually takes from 15-20 business days to 25-30 business days in case of delays.

CAN I COME AND PICK UP MY ITEM? Yes, you may contact our agent and schedule an appointment for pick up.

IS IT COMPLICATED TO SET UP THE LAMP? No, the set up is not difficult if you follow the instructions. In case of concern, you may contact us via telephone or mail and we will provide step-by-step assistance. As far as electrical concerns, we however cannot be responsible for issues.

HOW MAY I PAY? Every option is accepted, from a money transfer to credit card or through Paypal (certainly the leading website for internet money transactions).

ARE YOU ALWAYS AT DISPOSAL? Yes our telephone lines and our mail addresses are operative 7/7 24h to provide any answer to your needs.

WHO WILL GUARANTEE THE PRODUCT ARRIVAL AND HELP US AVOID INTERNET SCAMS? We are the warranty ourselves. We are a reliable factory and our goal is to satisfy the customer, not cheat him. Every purchase is confirmed by email, request for payment and delivery confirmation as well.

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