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Ca' Rezzonico & Luxury

With this collection we believe that design can truly be a means to achieve the idea of perfection and harmony in our spaces. Unique pieces of art come to life thanks to the patient craftsmanship of Venetian master glassmakers in a triumph of details and precious hand-finished specifics. The chandeliers are handmade in our furnaces in the Venetian hinterland using the ancient Murano glass technique and come with a certificate of guarantee and authenticity.

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  1. Glass Color white
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Fiordaliso Deluxe
LMPCLL-8+4-come foto
On demand
Calliope Deluxe
flo-102-6-come foto-5
On demand
Fio-5-12-A-come foto-6
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Ceiling Lamp White Iris
Ceiling Lights
Wall Lamp White Iris APP-1-5-30343
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