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The Masters at Work: How a SogniDiCristallo® chandelier is Born

Explore the creation stages, and look at our craftsmen at work: here are the steps that lead to the birth of a product of excellence Made in Venice, Italy.


Each of our lighting products begins
with a careful project study

At first, SogniDiCristallo® designers trace out on paper (also according to customer needs) the models that will then be made by hand by our craftsmen. The designs can either resume the Venetian classical tradition or propose new ideas and styles, depending on their respective collection.


We are now entering
the furnace

We can observe the preparatory rituals for the selection and preparation of raw materials that come before all production stages. The craftsmen are preparing the glass paste molten at a temperature of 1500° C and selecting the colouring powders. This is a key moment for the successful achievement of the product, where nothing can be left to chance.


Here we are:
the masters are getting down to work

The needed amount of glowing glass paste (called “bolo”, i.e. glob) is picked from the glass pot using a special tool called blowpipe. Now the craftsman starts shaping the glass paste with rapid movements of the hands while blowing into the blowpipe, creating voluminous surfaces.


Little by little, our creation
is beginning to take shape

Here is the boy helping the glass master, to whom he is now passing pliers and scissors: it's time to mould. A series of finishing touches are added, alternating with cuts and adjustments - strictly made by hand -, modelling the glowing mass into the desired shapes.
During this process, the glass paste gradually cools and solidifies, so that, in order to be able to continue modelling it, it needs to be heated in the furnace every now and then.


We are now at
the detail stage

The crafty hands of the glass masters slowly perfect their work, creating handmade patterns and harmonies according to the type of chandelier required. Flowers, leaves, glass curls “blossom” also in several coloured enamels, embellishing the finished work.


It is time to leave
the glass to rest

The still warm chandelier is thus laid down and left to rest for many hours in the “tempera” (quenching oven), a long cooling oven, until its temperature has fallen, making it ready for the following grinding step. In this last step, the craftsmen polish and finish the glass surfaces, bringing the work to completion.


Now that it can be said that
the chandelier is ready

Now that it can be said that the chandelier is ready, we must think about its bearing structure.
The frames of SogniDiCristallo® chandeliers are safe and durable, made of wrought and hand-finished iron with chrome, gold and brass finishes, depending on the model required.


Our journey has virtually
come to an end

SogniDiCristallo® staff is performing the latest checks to make sure that everything is perfectly in order. The chandelier is thus being pre-assembled and assembled in situ to verify its high quality performance.
Once the controls have been successfully passed, we move on to the stage of safe and super-strong packing.
And now, we can say that the SogniDiCristallo® chandelier is finally ready to reach your homes!